Best service to write my essay now

Getting academic help has never easier and more difficult at the same time. On one hand, there is no problem with finding the dedicated writing services - there are literally hundreds of them just in the United States. While that provides choice, it also complicated the situation enormously. It’s not enough to find any service anymore, you also have to define the best one.

If you are a first-time user, it might be really overwhelming for you because all essay-writing platforms look somewhat similar. All of them list more or less the same services and promote the same benefits. The key here is to understand who just promises and who really delivers - and that might be a little hard to do if you have no experience.

Don’t worry, we got you. We monitored 25 leading essay writing services and prepared must-know tips for where to go if you want someone to ‘write my essay’. The best part is, applying them won’t require much of your time - it’s really just about knowing where to look.

What makes a bad writing service?

Before knowing how the perfect academic assistance platform looks like, let’s establish what should absolutely be avoided. We compiled a list of red flags that should really plant some doubts in your head if you come upon these warning signs.

  • No clear pricing system. Obscure practices like ‘Just drop us a line and we’ll name you a price’ is a clear sign of inexperience. The credible companies have been in business for years and they know how to price their own work. They also know that students are way more comfortable with seeing the cost right away instead of dropping some notes.
  • A landing page instead of a website. Tread this one with a slight grain of salt because there are some exceptions but they are quite rare. Most often, good platforms have a complex website where you can manage all the interactions without using additional communication tools. If you only see a landing page and all the communication is going on via email or Skype, it’s not trustworthy at all. Basically, the writer can disappear any minute, with your money.
  • No clear service description. If the service aims to deliver any kind of assignment, it means they aren’t really capable of performing at least one task at the highest level. All the best services segment their offers and understand that you can’t be equally good at writing essays and advertising slogans.
  • No reviews online. That’s pretty straightforward - all the experienced services are discussed by their clients and you can find that feedback.

What to look for in a good writing service?

Now that we know what absolutely should be avoided, let’s move on to what signals at the professionalism of the service. We made a list that covers it all.

  • Clear communication system. This includes 24/7 Support, direct communication with a writer and a possibility to change an assistant in case something doesn’t work.
  • The detailed description of the cooperation process. The honest company warns you right away if there is a deposit fee to be paid or additional payment for the urgent task.
  • You can filter writers. If the service picks writers for you, it’s not the best option. All the best platforms give clients the opportunity to browse through the list of available writers and sort through the offers based on filters.
  • There is all necessary legal information published. It’s a crucial section because it assures your anonymity and the security of your private data.
  • You can take a look at the writing samples. While you are at it, see if the requirements of top universities are followed.

How do I find a professional writer?

When you found a credible service, the one last thing you have to do is to select a writer among the list of various offers. That’s definitely the most important part of the process because the writer means everything here. It’s the person who will understand your personal style and ghostwrite it, adapt to your professors’ requirements, and dive deep into your subject. You really want your assistant to be invested and motivated - the question is, where to look?

As usual, look at the reviews and the work samples. Pay attention to the task types. If you need any last minute essay, there is no need to select a writer who is mostly doing thesis even if the overall rating is really good. We’d also recommend to not necessarily choose the most popular assistants because they are usually very busy and want to do the most interesting tasks - it keeps them motivated. If you want your the writer to be as engaged as possible, pick the assistant with the average rating and number of reviews. It will be just enough to prove the qualification but also the ones who are less experienced are often more motivated.

What if I pick the wrong one?

There is no need to worry because on most services you can change the writer in case something goes wrong. It’s always best to know for sure so ask the Support about it before placing an order and making a fee.


Finding the best urgent essay writing service might seem challenging because of their variety and similarity. However, if you know what to look for and what to avoid, it all becomes surprisingly straightforward. Once you found that one service, stick to it and build long-term cooperation - it will save you a lot of time and hassle.